dental-implantsMissing teeth affect a person’s appearance, the ability to speak and chew, and general dental health. It is usually recommended that a missing tooth be replaced. Many options exist for the replacement of lost teeth. One that has gained considerable acceptance is the dental implant.

Until fairly recently, dentures and bridges were the only options for replacing missing teeth. Some people can’t comfortably wear dentures. They’re painful, they don’t remain in place, and they may sometimes gag the wearer.

Bridges have the disadvantages of requiring crowns on the teeth The bone in that area will recede, possibly destabilizing the adjacent teeth, and increasing the risk of periodontal disease to those teeth. The dental implant has none of these disadvantages.

Improved techniques and advances in the materials used for implants have made the permanent dental implant a better alternative for many people.

If you think you are a candidate for dental implants, you can learn more about the implant procedure and risks here. Here at Higher Lane Dental Practice we use NobelGuide, a revolutionary technique in dental implantology.

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The Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) aims to provide the public with an improved understanding of the benefits of implantology, and Members with the benefits of continuous skills development, safeguarding standards. You can visit their website for more information on dental implants.