If you don’t feel confident when you smile, maybe because your teeth are discoloured, chipped or uneven or just a little twisted. If you’ve been looking for a solution, without the need for orthodontics or braces, then Veneers are your answer.

By removing the smallest amount of enamel from the front of your tooth and replacing it with a thin porcelain shell, which is bonded onto your existing tooth, you are left with a strong, straight and natural looking smile, which you deserve.

Invisalign and veneers

Invisalign can be used in combination with veneers to correct chipped or discoloured teeth. With veneers, the surface of the natural tooth enamel is irreversibly removed. However, if straightening is performed first using the Invisalign system, it is highly likely that less enamel will need to be removed. Using veneers on their own as a method to help straighten teeth may result in having to remove more enamel than necessary. Also, as veneers are not a permanent solution, you may need to replace them due to chipping or breaking. This can be expensive.